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lunes, 8 de junio de 2009

Jlist Review



What's selling?: Japanese T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, Japan-themed hats, dating-sim games, region free DVD players, bento boxes, chopsticks, Shinto good luck charms, pvc anime figures, Japan-related books, manga, art books, Japanese study books (check here who is the man/woman in charge of each

J-list is a beloved shop that I like a lot. Faster, prices in US$ and not in and safe shipment...I've never had a problem with them (well...once I got my address mispelled, but they correct it quickly). Maybe they dont have 1000 of one concrete figure, but at least you know how many things are in stock. Also, their shop is divided on J box and J list (mature things and the rest of Jbox). They have an ebay account too.

Their mascot is so lovely, and the blog is very complete.
They have a section with discounts.
Cons and pros
+) they're always on USD
+)the shipment is cheaper
+)Communication is good
+)They ship random gashapon and the whole set too.
-)Nothing xD

I had quite an historial with them one nendo (hehe).
Number 45b Tsukasa normal vr.


2 Red haired Shanas, Nanoha figma+xmas hats, 2 Japan nendo dioramas, Yoko movie vr revoltech...

About their answer: They always reply the emails. I mailed them several times, and they replied me so fast. There's one inside-web ticket system for help ^^

About shipping: Fast, cheap, everything fine ^^
Example: Yoko revoltech:
Shipped 5 May 2009
Arrived 21 May 2009

For last, Jlist accept for payment Google checkout, Western union, Credit Cards and paypal.

My rating over 5...

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  1. Wahh, pero no crees que los precios son muy altos a veces?? T_T