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martes, 17 de agosto de 2010

Now Singing XXXIV - Deep breath -


Summer is at its end...but this August is really hot!!!!! Well, this summerish song from my beloved persona 3 rules! It's a version of the original theme Deep Breath but this version is included in Reincarnation CD has the summer touch and the unstandable lyrics ^^ I love it!

Deep Breath - P3 OST reincarnation version
On a sunday morning
I touch the sky
next morning I touched your heart
was the start
I play my roll when I rip the mic apart
do what I got to do to place a spark
lma put it down
seeking no crown anymore
from the moment I saw you it’s all gone
it’s hard to believe to a pimp like me
used to have seven women every day of the week
play time I put that behind
said I’m sorry I got to go
from the side line
to the main I aim high
to the place no human has ever even tried
so I got to go go I got to go
and all want is for you to stay
man out of the grave resurrected
now he’s connected no concession
just embedded by you
I won’t deny that I used to play
young days I’ve done thangs that I can’t even say
time to make up my day
God it’s so hard to regulate
till I met her yesterday
I was the dirt and you’re the purifier
I’m the gasoline while you’re the fire
keeping it on DL no inquire
which makes me wanna talk like Esquire
I don’t wanna no partial I want the entire
buy any jewels from gold to sapphire
cracks some jokes sometimes satire
will be careful not to get you damn tired
making sure that I will take you higher
when we have a baby we’ll be in triad
that’s what makes me most inspire
I hope same goes with you baby girl
Persona 4 Rise limited figure for this summer song ^^

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