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domingo, 31 de mayo de 2009

Japanese middlemen

This blog entry is a recopilation of bussiness which allows us bidding/buying in Japan.
It talks about middlemen websites. I only can provide my experience with Goody-Japan, but Im going to start using Tenso soon too ^^ (Review after the unfinished link's database, I need help if you know more)

http://www.m-world-service.com/index.html Masato internet services (with selling option)
http://www.tenso.com/jp/landing/ Tenso
http://www.japan-auction-agency.com/ Japan auction agency
http://www.goody-japan.com/index.html Goody-Japan
http://easyjpauction.com/ Easy Jap auction (with selling option)
http://www.shoppingmalljapan.com/ Shopping mall japan
http://www.japamart.com/index.htm Japamart
http://www.crescent-shop.com/ Crescent shop, Crescent Trading, crescent, I've found so many names xD
http://members.ccmelon.com/login.php CCMelon

Singer Yuna experience:

Mizuka figure, who arrived today May 28th and was shipped on 19th of May (with SAL).

AUCTION: My first bid was 1500 yens, the minimum bid. I won xD (1500yens=11€)
But the happiness finish here.

Commission: 600 yen
Domestic Shipping: 580 yen
Bank Fee: 300 yen
International shipping(Small Packet AirMail 900g) 1,680 yen
Total amount: 4,660 yens(=34€), total amount in European shop, https://www.up1.co.uk/Details/S1596 on United publications within shipping it will cost around the 34€ too. Not the 11€ I started bidding.

So...the best choice is that if you want TWO OR MORE FIGURES of that yahoo.jp seller, go for it, because of that, the bank fee and the local shipping will be 1 and not 2 or more.

Singer Yuna historial with Goody-Japan: Aria 1/6 figures (both form the same seller, so I won xD) Aika and Alicia Florence + Miku Hatsune Race Queen preorder + Mizuka.
. Tenso soon too ^^ (Hope to be useful. I need help if you know more middlemen)

sábado, 30 de mayo de 2009

Now Singing IV

Now Singing IV...

I always love the rhytm of this band, Antony & the Johnsons...I met them for the first time with their song Bird Girl, from the OST of V for Vendetta. There is a summer song, twilight and the sun ^^

Antony & the Johnsons - Twilight



I fall in the Harbor
I fall in the hills
But here in the city
That never sleeps
I can fall
Through one's fingers

When the swan
Flies to heaven
Soaring through
The utmost fear
There's a feeling
That lingers in
the afterwards
Will you ever return
Will you ever return
Will you ever return

I sit at all tables
With my candles
And angels besides
And I shall wait forever
As the day turns to night
Swallowed in the
shadows that glow
Swallowed in the
shadows that glow
Swallowed in the
shadows that glow

When I sought out a light
And I knew
I beseech, come to me
All alone, come to me


viernes, 29 de mayo de 2009

More male nendoroids!

Well well...recently was announced a pic of a Arawn nendo, one male from Tears to Tiara...[x]
So, we ask...more male nendoroids!
(and please, GSC, create one serie of Ace attorney nendos, I want like Saul, Worthy nendooo!)

Here is the historial of GSC 10cm nendos
9th Arawn!!
8th (Ciel nendo?Not officially announced)
7th Sebastian Michaelis
6th Itoshiki Zetsubou
5th Kaito
4th Neuro Nougami
3rd Len Kagamine
2nd L Ryuzaki-Lawliet
1st Light Yagami 

miércoles, 27 de mayo de 2009

Singer Yuna's favorite nendoroids


Singer Yuna's favorite nendoroids

After my nendo-must haves (The final six --> gtto://dressedblue.blogspot.com/2009/04/final-six.html#comments) blog entry...

Now goes favorite nendos!!

Exelica nendoroid goes for my first place. 

Then the silver price is for Yuki in bunny suit from WF07 

and then Yoshika nendoroid at bronze prize. 

But any blue nendo is beloved by me...and any version of my dear guide Nao the Navigator ^^

For petit nendos, my favorite so far is Tsukasa petit with blue uniform from the first set. 

But my wished wished is Haruhi in cheerleader uniform...so if any wants to present one to me, 

I'll be grateful xD

Whats yours?

sábado, 16 de mayo de 2009



Mod rank celebration!

Im very glad (like extremely-happy-nendo-Melissa-Seraphy-face) and ready to be in action helping, welcoming and answering help questions!
So, Thank you!! Glad to be at your service!
For celebrating I chose that song, a great song ^^

And also will be a nendoroid party in my nendoroid shelf, quarters of Singer Yuna's nendo-army.
Its the fourth nendoparty of the year.
The first nendoparty was celebrated because of my 1500 hits.
The second nendoparty was celebrated because of my VIP rank.
The third, was for celebrating the moderation rank on Nendolovers and Bargains club ^^
And the last was that ^^ thank you

Also, I want to share with you an interesting photo lesson ^^
Its given by one of my Staff-friends (or also Staff-mates) and its about almost-all types of photos of figures ^^
It was very useful to me, I hope the same for you too ^^

Singer Yuna (extremely-happy-faced)

miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2009

E2046 review


Link: http://www.e2046.com

What's selling?: Resin kits, Pvc, own E2046 figures, etc.

Kits de resina, figuras de PVC, figuras propias finalizadas en resina.

E2046 has become one great referee on online shops, its due to their own work on kits(a very discussed matter) and due to promotions for the asidual clients, like the VIPs...
VIP status is adquired when you spend 500USD in products, and VIP means 7% on all, and acumulative with other timed discounts.
Also, if you comment about Oris or gatherings (read more about these terms below) you earn 5% of discount.
AND (the list never ends xD)each month there is a lottery, the lucky draw, on the people who
1)are participating on comments from figures
2)participate and opine in their forum
3)show photos of their figures
can win things on the shop (gatherings, kits, etc)

E2046 has important sections:

Preordering section, with a discount percentage.

Gathering, the section of their own produced kits.

Ori, the section of their personal projects, the projects that next will be on kit or gathering section.

E2046 resins and PVC section; E2046 resins and PVC are more priced than Hobbysearch or Hobbylink, but it sometimes compensates
1) they're always on USD
2)the shipment is cheaper
3)VIP discount or any other of their great promotions.

I only had bought on there (in a sale, with the subtitle of ONE LAST LEFT!) (I felt so...YAY MINE! RAAARW) one nendo (hehe).
Number 37 Pastel Ink Moetan.


About their answer: They always reply the emails. I only mailed them once, and they replied me so fast. There's one inside-web comment system for help ^^

About shipping: Special mention to the handling...when first I receive my package, all green and only paper and no box...I thought "Uff...Im safe because GSC made good blisters"...but I started to open it...and...voilá! standard bubble plastic and...A NICE PLASTIC BOX like a tapper!! WAO! Im still saving the tapper (for eating lol) for saving in there my gashapon collection.

In the case of Spain, there is normal international package and EMS, with some great prices and contrarresting price if you're ordering 2 or more things.

I've heard that in their own kits and figures the protection is great too.
Maybe you should hear that some kit pieces are broken etc...no problem! E2046 has in your shopping historial on their web, and inside the order, tell trough the questionarie the problem, and they will replace it witout any costs.
Well..the best is having it all pieces perfect, but It can't be xD.

For last, E2046 accept for payment Credit Cards and paypal.

My rating over 5...

Now Selling I


Now Selling!

Singer Yuna is selling in mint condition the Exelica enhanced for PS2 videogame!
New! with sealed plastic!!! But no nendoroid!

I tried at ebay but the auction ended without bidder.
My price without shipping is 40€ for a game who in play-asia is worth 68€
So, comment if you are interested!!

lunes, 4 de mayo de 2009

Tsukasa } nendoroid photoshoot III


Starring: Tsukasa Kagami, from Lucky Star anime...
There is bewteen the photos detail!





This photo is for announcing the coming soon nendoroid photoshoot ^^

sábado, 2 de mayo de 2009

Singer Yuna arrived to her maximum number of preorders

I have arrived to my maximum number of preorders...I never preordered so much in cuantity &  in number...25 is too much...but it were for:




The fault was at the great prices of HLJ mainly, I have done 4 orders in a row for that prices and because they didn't add alltogether to the sales.
Order #1
Sonsaku Hakufu China Dress
Order #2
Range Murata Pinky #01: Nazuna
Range Murata Pinky #02: Mayura
Nendoroid Kyouka Midarezaki
Sumomo Akihime Blue/White Ver. PVC (Jun Planning)
Tenko Kuugen
Order #3
CLAMP in 3D Land vol.4
Motion Revive Series Xenosaga III T-elos
Motion Revive Series Xenosaga III KOS-MOS ver 4
Order #4
Maryan kicking version (Kotobukiya)

About the rest:
Im not counting the Clamp in 3D land vol 4 as individual preorders.
The black claymore is in maybe status, because I ordered her in a local shop, which is having problems to getting her. So I didnt included in that list.
The nendo set and Yoko are from Jlist *.* As fast as always.
And the problematic nendos are my Saber and Rin preorders in hobbyfan, which package was lost and I'm still hoping to receive them one day (it lasted 6 months and they havent arrived).
And then is my man, Seifer from Kotobukiya, first released in 1999...a bargain from Ebay ^^