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lunes, 4 de octubre de 2010

Photoshop Bokeh attempt


Well, this is my second attempt....still failing...I must work more in cutting photos...but is so tiring...*gasp*. Aru is great with those greens ^^

2 comentarios:

  1. Solo tiene que trabajar un poco mas los recortables y sera perfecto :) (desolado por los acentos, no me acuerdo donde se encontran ^^)

  2. Gracias Climbatize! That post is almost perfect spanish, congrats!
    The very correct would be "Solamente tienes que trabajar un poco más los recortables y será perfecto :) (desolado por los acentos, no me acuerdo donde se encontraban)" but you only missed 2 accents ^^ and 2 verbal tenses, thing easy knowing the complexity of spanish verbal tenses, the aquiles weakness xD

    But yeah, the image was cool after all...not a realistic bokeh because I need to improve more, but a beauty green one! Thanks for the comment Climbatize!