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sábado, 27 de junio de 2009

Ninhonju review



What's selling?: They offer a range of products directly from Japan: Figures, plastic models, scale models, books, goodies...

Nihonju is a beloved shop x2 that I like a lot. Faster, paypal an prices in yen, with € or US$ converter(you always pay in yens) and safe shipment...I've never had a problem with them (well...once I chose one strange shipping method which was available for Rise preorder and they emailed me that Rise only accepted SAL or EMS...but they correct it quickly).
Oposite J-list(who dont have 1000 of one concrete figure, but at least you know how many things are in stock) Nihonju always has low stock of items. If you see any rare...preorder it quickly because maybe at the 10 minutes it will be gone. The counter of items left is not very well shown. Well...I never look at it...I just click fast xDD

They're not a big platform (yet xD) but the great advantage is that they can bring some rareties that HLJ or J-list usually dont. Always at low stock and if its very rare and expensive...they ask you to do an early pay. (ex - the latest Nao (Stacatto version) nendoroid)

+Cheap shipping (if you're going by SAL, to Europe it takes 1 month more or less...usually at 7€)
+Fast reply
+POINTS! FOR SURE! You can use points to pay figures ^^
+They had rareties at great price like Sumomo, Churuyas, Romantica petits etc

-Low stock...and they usually dont restock.
-Not sales section (yet xD)

I had a low historial with them.

Number ?? Nao Stacatto ver.


Also got Nu Villetta from them (chocolate happiineeees Thx Nihonju!!!), Preorders of exclusive Nao nendoroid and Rise K. from P4. That's it. But I hope to come again for some rareties ^^

About their answer: They always reply the emails. And they replied me so fast.

About shipping: Fast, cheap, everything fine ^^
Example: Nu Villetta:
Shipped 28/4/2009
Arrived 11/5/2009

For last, Jlist accept for payment Credit Cards and paypal.

My rating over 5...
4 out 5, due to the out of stock matter(I want one Cammy by Shunya Yamashitaaa)

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  1. I just noticed the bazar...I dont understand it so much lol...its for ordering? its a weird subdivision.