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sábado, 8 de agosto de 2009

ALTER collection reloaded

Hi theereeee!!!! Do you remember me of that post?
Well...this summer things changed a did a RELOADED version.

My favorite ALTER figure overall is KOS-MOS ver 4.
Simply Goddess.

My favorite ALTER's box is (dont hit me) Becky box...tiny, with a bunny pattern, all perfect I like it a lot.

My first ALTER preorder was Mitsuru Kirijo.

Singer Yuna's rank:
1st KOS-MOS ver 4
2nd Mitsuru Kirijo FES version (P3 FES was written on the box, so FES version xD)
3rd Gwendolyn (She is huge!!! Im not opening her box though)

About the Kujikawa matter
I should change my opinion...I only wanted one of her I ordered Wave version. Then, ALTER released the bikini version
but I didnt like so much her head and was UNTIL see the 500 limited version of this one...BUAAAH ME WANTS!

Singer Yuna's ALTER's collection:

Aloe & CPU Shalon By: Alter Sculptor: YOSHI Released: 03/2008

Alvis E Hamilton By: Alter Sculptor: Inagaki Hiroshi Released: 10/2005

Amy By: Alter Sculptor: Touji Tanaka Released: 08/2006

Becky & Mesousa By: Alter Sculptor: BHP Released: 12/2005

Gwendolyn By: Alter Sculptor: Noritaka Fukumoto Released: 12/2008

Hazuki By: Alter Sculptor: Neko Maru Released: 2006

Jujo Shion By: Alter Sculptor: Naoki Nishimura Released: 11/2006

Kirijo Mitsuru By: Alter Sculptor: Fumiki Saito Released: 06/2008

Kizuki Nagi By: Alter Sculptor: Morikawa Hiromitsu Released: 01/2007

KOS-MOS Ver: Ver.4 By: Alter Sculptor: Toshiyuki Yagyu Released: 12/2007

Lina Lindou By: Alter Sculptor: Hironori Tokunaga Released: 10/2006

Nadie By: Alter Sculptor: Tsuyoshi Takahashi Released: 01/2008

Shalon By: Alter Sculptor: YOSHI Released: 12/2006

T-Elos By: Alter Sculptor: Motokatsu Hane Released: 01/2008

Takako Itsukushima By: Alter Sculptor: Fumiki Saito Released: 10/2006

Villetta Nu By: Alpha X Omega Sculptor: Inagaki Hiroshi Released: 04/2009

Vita Ver: Unison Ver. By: Alter Sculptor: Touji Tanaka Released: 09/2008


2 comentarios:

  1. Lovely Alter collection Yuna. You have some really sweet figures there like Unison Vita (oh I want her so much!), T-elos (omG!!!), Gwendolyn (yay I have her too) and Pastel Chime. We'r one of the few who have that last one!

  2. Thank you Lenneth!
    I forgot to mention my love on Nu Villetta xD