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martes, 11 de agosto de 2009

Memories+photoshoot: GSC x MF 1st photo-contest


Memories: GSC x MF 1st photocontest

Do you remember the excitement that photo contest gave us? I missed the 2nd, but I wont forget these prices...these entries etc.

But the post is for sharing what was my idea. I only joined to the nendo area (anyone doubted it?).
I tried to do one pc background photo...I was my time Ill improve for sure.

The final pic chosen was the "Blonde Attack"

but there were another candidates...
like these 2 other ver. of blonde attack

Or I also tried to do a nocturne army attack




Small nendo-army taking a rest under the night-sky.

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  1. To bad we can't go to NYC and make the photos there, but till that's possible... good work ^^