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domingo, 16 de agosto de 2009

News from Dressed in Blue

News from Dressed in Blue:
Hiii!!! I wrote this post for letting you know a few new things.

Im now writing reviews for Shadonia website (check the partners new square)
In that square also is the fantastic website My figure collection dot net, or nicely called
tsuki-board!, my favorite place and the website which Im staff.

Im writing with this post, the entry number 55 of the blog.
Usually I dont make so many its a celebration. Also, I must say that this blog
started 2nd april of this day after the b-day of tsuki-board ^^
And these are the following versions it had...Some of them still available on the other
layouts section
This is the spanish ver of the blog, the first ver
This is the same layouts arent very beautiful...
This is the exelica ver, a little uneasy to use...there is available on the right square ^^
This is the KOS-MOS ver, there is available on the right square too ^^

And this is our actual ver ^^ the ones which saw the 55 posts ^^

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