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domingo, 5 de abril de 2009

My tsuki-friends

First of all, saying that this entry is only in English...translate it onto spanish would be instant death ^^ after ranking all my figures I needed a challenge heheh...must say that the first users are ranked, but the rest are equally in importance, usually girl > boy > girl >boy...or two in one...

Nickname: Iruell
About him..He is my beloved boyfriend and I love that he also loves figures ^^ (Im glad he is not nendo-crazy like me, hehe). I like giving him figure presents like Dante by Kotobukiya, and he knows I have most wanted, lol! He got me one of my most wanted, Lilith By Shunya Yamashita ^^ I was so glad when I received her ^^ I also love to borrow his awesome olympus camera, hehe. I also love the 90% of tsuki-compatibility that we have. And finally I also love to travel with him ^^ Ai shiteru!!!!!!!!!!!

Nickname: Kuma-san (well...kumasanmk, not kuma or kumakuma or akuma-chan)
He is THE admin ^^
And he is very sincere, he told us how tsuki was born and all his feelings. Maybe I added him to my tsukifriends later, but he is not my 54th friend, he is the number two on this list ^^. He was the first person who welcomed here, in tsukii, my first comment on my profile, hehe ^^. He listen all of the suggestions and doubts ^^

Nickname: Yumez
Aaaaw, my friend from Netherlands ^^ I love her way of shooting with her camera, we first met with me commenting one of the best photos I ever seen, the angelic Clalaclan ^^ (there are some skillful photographers on my tsukifriends and she is one of the top). She is also very special to me ^^ I love write letters to her.

Nickname: Raiko
Raiko is the starting of Singer Yuna's adopting unwanted figures ^^ I always meant to like 7/10 thingies, like videogames which people critizise or boring mangas or middle average then Raiko appeared! he didnt wanted the shining saga Cyril (with heavy reasons)but I like her, so I dealed with him! I love his figure taste.One of my first tsuki-friends, who never is online because he loves offline-but-online status, and proud owner of a big collection of everything (Im starting to think he collects also bookshelves, because he has too many!), my first tsuki-sale, Raiko! (his blog is included on blogroll ^^).

Nickname: Mona_sama
Scrappy coco! I love this word and all the words we invent together xD We both are a green girls who love Nu Villeta and White Clalaclan ice cream, and I love to write comments to her! I laught a lot, we enjoy a lot pursuing Aria's chibis ^^
She was my very firstly tsuki friend, for her I'm the lovely spanish girl and she is the lovely deutch girl ^^ And both have nice b-friends who comprehend us (also she got Melissa Seraphy 1/8 as a (twiced) gift of her b-friend). You should check her Rinoa resin, awesome!

Nickname: Zetsubo-san
Mr despair with bunch of secondary names like Zackie, Balthier, the leading man, Dallas, etc etc etc. I met online time ago her clone xD I took the pic done by Zetsubo for the More male figures organization, I love that pic. Zetsubo has an awesome FF collection, a great taste in videogames and tons of modding nendoroids ideas ^^

Nickname: Lenneth
Valkyrie Lenneth, the friend who always read all the comments ^^ I love to mourn about crying wallets with her, and also sharing play-asia affiliate codes. I was really glad when I saw her reaction on my avatar-present ^^. I love to send pms to Australia asking about the situation, and also to have the inbox full of love letters xD
She is also very special to me, and I love her unique Silmeria trading arts ^^

Nickname: Casberry
Hehehe...I like so much pulling his leg xD 2 Gwendolines sacre bleu!!! I like his reviews, they're very complete and done with a lot of love and efford. He has a great taste on his collection.

Nickname: Maha-chan
She is a girl who loves videogames and figures....maybe a little more than me xD We both want a bunch of survival horror figures. She is also from Netherlands and she's very nice and friendly ^^

Nickname: GaaraPaco
Well,well,well, how to say about Paco...firstly he doesnt know English so maybe he doesn't understand me, but he is a great collector. He is the first tsuki-user who welcomed me in spanish ^^ It's a great friend ^^

Nickname: Meernebel
She is the same age than me, and, in spite of she lives in Russia and Im from Spain...I felt closer to her in the very first moment ^^ She has good photography skills and also a great taste in figures.

Nickname: Seijuro
Seijuro is...well...(sorry Iruell)...the best photographer in all tsuki.
He needs a fan club fastly. A lot of my favourite pics are made by him ^^
I admire him a lot.

Nickname: Reika_Sasaki
I love to be by her side on her first day on tsukiboard. She is from Netherlands too...and her nickname charmed me as one shrine maiden. She has good taste and great shelves...what a pity she is selling a lot lately.

Nickname: St_Jimmy
Im really glad of meeting such awesome couple ^^
So great taste together, so much figures...(+800 ongoing, with more than 100 preorders).Their blog is on the links section.

Nickname: Porcelaine Priss
She is a great ally, you can ask her any question. She also has a great taste, and the caracther that define her is the maid costume!! ^^
Her blog is on the links section ^^

Nickname: Slaving Ape
I think this guy has a great taste on figures. I dont know how he can manage to get so much rareties, but he does. I like to deal with him...Canadian shipping and UPS in general aren't not my favorite postal office, but he is an exception ^^

Nickname: Kakebuke
AAAAW Kakebukeeee *.* So friendly, so small details lover...she is a really nice girl.
I deal with her about my beloved Xecty. At the first moment I wasnt the winner bidder, but finally I had luck and I got her and a great greeting inside. Her blog is also on the links sectiooon!!(a great blog with great taste!).

Nickname: Kakashi-kun
So..maybe the nick is similar but he is a boy, the boy who more male figures own together. I met him for the first time when I was also looking for a pair of elves (that I finally never got because the lack of money). He is nice too, very fast replying ^^

She is...she impressed me so much the first time we talk. I owe her one for having a big deal in our hands. Im glad she liked the WF08 lucky star meets fate nendos. Im so glad. Amidala is very trustful girl. You have a little place in my heart.

Nickname: Yumegami
He owns Seifer Almasy. He owns him for a low price. He's my lucky friend!
His collection may look tiny...but no, its full of cuality.

She is one of the first people I met in tsuki. I met her commenting in the pics of her room. Very nice room, and big collection. And nice blogs (on the link's section too).

An old friend of Iruell and mine. He has traveled twice to Japan. He loves nendoroid xD but he hasn't entered in the nendo-madness...he is very balanced: He knows about a lot. I mean: about videogames, about HTML, about anime, about figures, about tv shows like battlestar galactica...

Nendo-ally. She helps a lot and she is very nice. I loved her previous avatar, one shot of some-random of nendo Yui (for me she is Yui-Mia-Chan) with lucky star uniform.
She is very special to me, and Im glad for being with her at her first day on tsuki ^^

Nickname: Nec-Inn
He is a spanish boy who has great taste and knowledge in figures related.
He inspired me a little for doing a blog, and I hope he recover his hobby soon ^^

Nickname: Eternal
She is my country neighbour. She loves great pics and I have some favs of her ^^ She is very kind and helpful ^^

Nickname: LC
He is a great collector. LC always is looking tsuki, editing entries, replying questions...He has good taste and a great collection. I enjoyed doing his Seraphy queen avatar ^^

Nickname: Yuina and Trishler
Both are two nice girls of France with a great taste in figures. Trishler is more videogaming, while Yuina is more lucky starring ^^ Both are members of more males figures organization ^^

Nickname: xDavax and Nosgoroth
Both are two friends of friends ^^ Davax is partner of Gaarapaco and Nosgo is partner of Mitheor. Both are spanish boys who are here, in tsuki.

Nickname: Batto
He is another spanish boy, one staff of the blog "Ramen para dos". Ramen para dos is also the spanish tsuki group for meeting more spanish people ^^
He loves figmas as much I love nendos.

Nickname: Soth
He is the dream of all otaku made true: Spanish boy studying and living in Japan.
In the first moment I didn't know he was spanish, I tought he was one of the few japanese in tsuki board, hehe ^^

Nickname: Saru and his friends
Saru and I starting to speak about the more males organizations ^^
Saru loves chibis and videogames.

Nickname: Laly
She is one girl of Argentina. She regents one comic and merchandising shop, and she bring some of her buyers at tsuki too ^^ Very friendly ^^

Nickname: Angelichobo
I have half of the 100% compatibility with Angelichobo ^^ I like to add comments in angelic profile. Angelic has only one review done, but its short and clear.

Nickname: Fychan and Yue Tenou
Both girls are from Brazil. I met Fy on tomo and I met Yue for the great love we have for Sailor moon series. Very nice both of them.

Nickname: Manon1986
A girl of the same age like me who comes from Netherlands and has a great collection. 128 figures and ongoing. Very helpful too ^^

Nickname: Coeli
She is one girl from Philippines who entered to more males figures organization and added me as a friend ^^ Her blog is on the links section

Nickname: MeowPao
When I entered in tsuki and was a beginner, he anwser me quite a lot of questions ^^ He is from Philippines like Coeli.

Nickname: Amarilloampharos and Itachi377
Both come from USA. AmarilloAmpharos is a boy who has Phoenix Wright in his avatar and a lot of questions in his mind. He is very nice ^^
Itachi is a Kagami Hiiragi lover.

Nickname: Meimi134
She is a UK girl who has a lovely collection. She has 10 figures in common with me ^^ Her blog is on links section

He is a french user, who owns the Seifer Almasy resin, with Odin guardian force. I admire him for that, and he always has replied all my questions ^^ he is very nice.

Another tsuki user who has been shooted by my question's pms ^^ Drakanity made a tsuki-suggestion I never forget, because its useful, and its the "USED" option on selling. I love used figures ^^ I always have a place for second handed cute figures.

A friendlist machine. He has +150 tsuki-friends xD

The first VIP spanish user ^^ He has a lot of figures and he is very polite.
He always answer things in his profile xD so you have to visit him for seeing new replies.

My first Israel tsuki-friend. Very polite, and he loves blame and similar series.
A great collection with awesome rare figures.

My first New Zeland tsuki-friend.

Nickname: Mememo
My first Ireland tsuki-friend. Her grandma loves nendos ^^

A great photographer from USA.

She and Shad are a french couple who have a great taste in figures related. She is very modest, but she has a great skills on inside-photography. I love her photo-reviews. Their blog is in the link section.

Nickname: Yakumo
I met him on tsuki while ago...but I added him to my friendlist recently. I like his room of figures and his photos. He is a nendo-crazy...I think more than me ^^
His blog is on the link section.

Nickname: Eleanora
I met her recently, and I like her ^^ She is nice, and she used my figure rank ^^ Im proud ^^ This means its good ^^ She has nendos and some more nice figures ^^

A nice USA boy, who has a great sense of humor. Funny photos. Very nice boy.
He loves nendos and figmas ^^

Nickname: Ryuichislove
She has an awesome taste in general. Not only in figures, you should check her tsuki profile for seeing her awesome figure room.
I like to deal with her, in spite we have not finish any trade ^^

Nickname: Nakigara
He is a helpful boy, answering any question you do.
Also, a great collector and a good photographer ^^ He soon will celebrate his one year in tsuki ^^

Nickname: Nelly
She is a very nice person. Im very glad for dealing with Nelly. She is a lovely french girl ^^

Nickname: Daftline
Belgium tsuki-user, he has a beatiful collection ^^
His blog is awesome, you should check it out.

Nickname: Shion Uzuki
I love her fan club. I've played Xenosaga and I love KOS-MOS!
She is very helpful and friendly. I love being part of her club ^^

He has a Miria avatar, so great! He also likes videogames and OSTs ^^
I hope he'll increase his collection, because he has only one figure (the first person I've meet with this number)

He deserves all my respects for having Yui and Ryofuko nendos.

I love his suggested widget ^^
He has a great collection.
Saul and persocom-san are from USA.

Subsection youngsters
Nickname: Kaichi
He is one brazilian of 13 years old, who has managed to get rareties like the xmas figma hats. He knows a lot about vocaloid songs ^^ I like being his friend ^^

Nickname: Marshmallowpie
She is a timid girl from Canada. She is also 13 years old, and she has a great taste. Im sure that her 30 figures will grow to much more. I like calling her affectionately "Young lady" ^^

Nickname: Animecollector10
A 13 years old boy who is mad for gashapons. His collection is near 300. He also likes videogames. He is very friendly.

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  1. Thanks for your message about Shad and me... AND I'am not so modesty >_<

    Leonia & Shad

  2. I didn't expect an entry about me here, thanks! Congratulation for your blog's opening!

  3. Thank you for adding me to the list as well, this is amarilloampharos btw. XD