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martes, 28 de abril de 2009

Wonder festival nendoroid Historial (&Singer Yuna's Limited/Exclusive nendoroids)


I love nendo-history about limited.
The first limited was on wonderfestival 2006.

Main contepts:
Winter WF is near the end of february.
Summer WF is on near the end of july. ( for the coming soon WF09)

- 2006 -

In Summer WF06...
Saber standard #2-->

- 2007 -

In Summer WF2007...
Saber orta(orta means Alter.) #13-->
Haruhi Bunnies#14-->

- 2008 -

In Winter WF08...
Lucky star nendos cosplaying Fate stay night #34-->

In Summer WF08...
Melissa, from Chu x Chu #41--> &
Miku Hatsune, from Vocaloid#42--> &

- 2009 -
There weren't Winter WF09 due an accident on the previous Wonderfes...but there will be

Firstly I was against the robbery which were included with the exclusivities...I'm talking about Ryofuko and Yui, and some of petits, who are far expensive than the normal ones.
But then...I met Exelica. So KOS-MOS in little size...I wanted a mecha nendo, and Exelica seemed so blue like KOS-MOS, my favorite mecha. So I promise myself not to spend +100€ in a rare nendo again.
More or less I kept my promise, because I got Sumomo for 50€ within shipping and 70€ from Miku Race Queen version.

Im wondering about the difficulty to get this petits: and this version of Nao

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