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viernes, 29 de mayo de 2009

More male nendoroids!

Well well...recently was announced a pic of a Arawn nendo, one male from Tears to Tiara...[x]
So, we ask...more male nendoroids!
(and please, GSC, create one serie of Ace attorney nendos, I want like Saul, Worthy nendooo!)

Here is the historial of GSC 10cm nendos
9th Arawn!!
8th (Ciel nendo?Not officially announced)
7th Sebastian Michaelis
6th Itoshiki Zetsubou
5th Kaito
4th Neuro Nougami
3rd Len Kagamine
2nd L Ryuzaki-Lawliet
1st Light Yagami 

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