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sábado, 16 de mayo de 2009



Mod rank celebration!

Im very glad (like extremely-happy-nendo-Melissa-Seraphy-face) and ready to be in action helping, welcoming and answering help questions!
So, Thank you!! Glad to be at your service!
For celebrating I chose that song, a great song ^^

And also will be a nendoroid party in my nendoroid shelf, quarters of Singer Yuna's nendo-army.
Its the fourth nendoparty of the year.
The first nendoparty was celebrated because of my 1500 hits.
The second nendoparty was celebrated because of my VIP rank.
The third, was for celebrating the moderation rank on Nendolovers and Bargains club ^^
And the last was that ^^ thank you

Also, I want to share with you an interesting photo lesson ^^
Its given by one of my Staff-friends (or also Staff-mates) and its about almost-all types of photos of figures ^^
It was very useful to me, I hope the same for you too ^^

Singer Yuna (extremely-happy-faced)

2 comentarios:

  1. Hi SY* !
    I am glad you joined the TB-staff. You really earned it.
    I hope anyway you will still have pleasure with collecting figures and even more as mod ;)

    *SY : Singer Yuna and not Shunya Yamashita !!

  2. Wow I didn´t notice the BIG MOD blue letters in your avatar ,congratulations ^^ and about the song I like more the original by Bob Dylan or the version by Hendrix but it´s only that I´m used to listen these versions.

    Regards ;)