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miércoles, 27 de mayo de 2009

Singer Yuna's favorite nendoroids


Singer Yuna's favorite nendoroids

After my nendo-must haves (The final six --> gtto:// blog entry...

Now goes favorite nendos!!

Exelica nendoroid goes for my first place. 

Then the silver price is for Yuki in bunny suit from WF07 

and then Yoshika nendoroid at bronze prize. 

But any blue nendo is beloved by me...and any version of my dear guide Nao the Navigator ^^

For petit nendos, my favorite so far is Tsukasa petit with blue uniform from the first set. 

But my wished wished is Haruhi in cheerleader if any wants to present one to me, 

I'll be grateful xD

Whats yours?

1 comentario:

  1. My nendo of my dreams is the cute Exelica " mechas+girls=WIN " but is so expensive TT I hope I will get her someday ^^.

    And my favorite one is the nendo Sakura from Penguin Musume but with the weird face XD , I don´t know why but I prefer them with the crazy face .... I nearly forgot Miku ^^ , she is so adorable with the leek.

    And about the petit nendoroids I like the strange Octopus Luka XD