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domingo, 31 de mayo de 2009

Japanese middlemen

This blog entry is a recopilation of bussiness which allows us bidding/buying in Japan.
It talks about middlemen websites. I only can provide my experience with Goody-Japan, but Im going to start using Tenso soon too ^^ (Review after the unfinished link's database, I need help if you know more) Masato internet services (with selling option) Tenso Japan auction agency Goody-Japan Easy Jap auction (with selling option) Shopping mall japan Japamart Crescent shop, Crescent Trading, crescent, I've found so many names xD CCMelon

Singer Yuna experience:

Mizuka figure, who arrived today May 28th and was shipped on 19th of May (with SAL).

AUCTION: My first bid was 1500 yens, the minimum bid. I won xD (1500yens=11€)
But the happiness finish here.

Commission: 600 yen
Domestic Shipping: 580 yen
Bank Fee: 300 yen
International shipping(Small Packet AirMail 900g) 1,680 yen
Total amount: 4,660 yens(=34€), total amount in European shop, on United publications within shipping it will cost around the 34€ too. Not the 11€ I started bidding.

So...the best choice is that if you want TWO OR MORE FIGURES of that seller, go for it, because of that, the bank fee and the local shipping will be 1 and not 2 or more.

Singer Yuna historial with Goody-Japan: Aria 1/6 figures (both form the same seller, so I won xD) Aika and Alicia Florence + Miku Hatsune Race Queen preorder + Mizuka.
. Tenso soon too ^^ (Hope to be useful. I need help if you know more middlemen)

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  1. Good work , I´m sure it will help a lot for the people who want to order things from Japan and about Tenso ,I am very satisfied with their service, I will use them again to pre-order the Volks Holo ^^.