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martes, 28 de julio de 2009

P3 quotes


Have you decided what you're going to do?

It is very important for me to be by his side.

A Shadow will appear during the full moon.

Ryoji asked Mitsuru out?Heh, I'm surprised he's still alive. That guy's got a lot of nuts.

Look...straight in the eyes...I like the sound of that.

Arf Arf

The pink alligator - el titulo de su novela...que menudo cuento corto mas chungo xD

Hey Chidorita!! (aunque deberia haber tambien puesta la de "Mitsuru'd probably have a doberman")

Give him strength! Take my life if you must!

This is how it should be.

I love you.

That makes you all hypocrites!

Death is deliverance.

Two in harmony surpasses one in perfection.

I need you with me.

(la q va dejando documentos repartidos por los pisos del Tartaro)
I wonder what the essence the persona truly is...I was never able to learn that during my time as a researcher.

I may discover an answer to my question...the truth of my existance.

*chuckle* I told you remember?I'm always with you.
No matter that the future holds...You and I will be friends...that's for certain.

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  1. Yeah, this is my girlfriend, the one with the awesome and deep signatures. Gotta love her.