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My old nickname, Mistique, on my random nendosig ^^

sábado, 18 de julio de 2009

Singer Yuna's Nendo-curiosities


Singer Yuna's Nendo-curiosities (and also not nendo):
- 46 owned nendos...but with the preordered nendos will make 50.
-Favorite nendos!!
--->Exelica nendoroid goes for my first place.
--->Then the silver price is for Yuki in bunny suit from WF07
--->and then Yoshika nendoroid at bronze prize.

But any blue nendo is beloved by me...and any version of my dear guide Nao the Navigator ^^

--->For petit nendos, my favorite so far is Tsukasa petit with blue uniform from the first set.
But my wished wished is Haruhi in cheerleader uniform( if any wants to present one to me),

The first nendoparty was celebrated because of my 1000 hits. 22/3/09
The second nendoparty was celebrated because of my VIP rank. 30/3/09
The third, was for celebrating the moderation rank on Nendolovers and Bargains club ^^ 13/5/09
The fourth nendoparty of the year was my 16/5/09
The fifth nendoparty was held in Singapore. My nendos came to visit the 8 nendos of Kodomut ^^ He was a new VIP tsuki-user.29/6/09.

-Singer Yuna ikea's shelf is quarters of Singer Yuna's nendo-army (look the evolution )

-My nickname is Singer Yuna (before of FFX2 was Yuna_S and before that was Mistique. My first nick was my name reversed) but I've mistaken named Siren yuna, Saber Yuna and Sinner Yuna. lol.

-I hate frisby bases(I own 3 already...the best is Frisby Cocona...Ryomou and Yui bases are so frisby too xD)

-I dont like bikini figures...but I've got few ones(my top 3 are Nu Villetta, Blanc Neige and Ryuna).

-Some people has Miku Hatsune fever...I've got nendofever and KOS-MOS fever ^^

- This last April was the month for the damaged figures...
I got Mitsuru Kirijo chipped the paint while doing her photoshoot.
Also I got chipped on the head of Tsukasa nendo.
AAALSO I cant extract one piece of nendo exelica, the neck (but she isnt broken...yet)
And also, I managed to save the life of Sumomo, because her neck of the sleeping face was broken and finnally I extracted it...opposite of Pastel ink, who is still half broken due to the accident(murder by Yako nendo).

I dont know why, Sumomo and Pastel Ink were near death in their first day...(pastel ink is in glue-coma and she has an restraining order against Yako).

- I love nendos with great food, mobiles or cars xD I will own 2 cars...Race Queen black car and pink car from Rin.

- I own some exclusivities nendos and limited nendos. They are:
Firstly I was against the robbery which were included with the exclusivities...I'm talking about Ryofuko and Yui, and some of petits, who are far expensive than the normal ones.
But then...I met Exelica. So KOS-MOS in little size...I wanted a mecha nendo, and Exelica seemed so blue like KOS-MOS, my favorite mecha. So I promise myself not to spend +100€ in a rare nendo again.
More or less I kept my promise, because I got Sumomo for 50€ within shipping and 70€ from Miku Race Queen version. But I want the Ryofuko so much!! And the petits from Magical Quiz Academy!
---->Sumomo (with DS videogame)
---->Miku RQ (with a sponsorship to GSC racing)
---->Nao (stacatto ver)
---->Chara Ani Konata and Kagami (eating girls)
---->Hobby Japan Mari-tan
---->Dokimajo petits

Limited: These are the wonderfest ones or another conventions. I usually dont get onto that...unless they're the "clink" type. I own:
---->Melissa Seraphy from Summer WF08
---->Suzumiya bunnies from Summer WF07
----> Lucky Star meets Fate Stay night nendos from Winter WF08

My wished nendos are the Ace Attorney characters (specially Edgeworth), any Square-Enix nendo (Im afraid that its irreal xD), any atlus nendoroid (specially Gwendolyn, Mitsuru Kirijo or Rise Kujikawa) or any KOS-MOS nendo (Kevin Winnicot nendo is a difficult choice). Well...and in general, more males nendos because are too few xD


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